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Mar 2017

Work-Work Cup 2017 #3 : Rocket League

Rules: 2 vs 2 16 teams 5 min match

Cars and other garage options predetermined by host
If a player willfully disconnects, it is considered as a default loss for his team.
If a serious bug/lagging occurs, the tournament host can decide that the game has to be re-played or he/she can elect a winner.
A game is finished at the end of the default 5 minutes if a team has scored more goals than the opposite, after Overtime if the game is tied, when a team leaves on purpose or when the tournament host decides on it.
Start 16:00 – Final match approx. 20:00

You must sign up for as a team of 2-players!

Sign up a team here :

[Tournament is unranked, you play with host hardware/user]

Work-Work Cup 2017 er en månedlig tevling hvor Work-Work i samarbeid med Sony PlayStation Norge kjører turnering på Playstation 4. Mer informasjon om påmelding og turneringsregler kommer.