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  • helps the broadcast industry produce more TV content at reduced cost - operating in the world of web technology and Open Source projects. You can see our work-works in shows for UFC, MXGP Motocross and the World Archery World Cup.

  • A passionate ed-tech startup on a mission to improve education through gamification. Maroto creates game based learning tools for education and are involved in concept development for a wide range of ed-tech endeavours. Maroto core skills include: In-depth educational knowledge, human centered design thinking, communication and game mechanics.

  • Copyleft Solutions delivers web solutions, mobile apps and hosting to a wide range of Norwegian and international companies. Copyleft maintains offices in Norway, Mexico and Philippines, numbering over 80 employees.

  • NxtMedia is a industry network for media technology, doing conferences, seminars, project development and sharing expertise. Based in Trondheim, this media cluster comprises a number of partners both nationally and internationally. Main partners : Adresseavisen, NTNU, MBL, Trønder-Avisa, Universitetet Nord.

  • Zedge is the global leader in smartphone personalization, with more than 200 million app installs and 30 million monthly active users. People use Zedge to make their smartphones more personal; to express their emotions, tastes and interests using wallpapers, icons, widgets, ringtones and more.The Zedge platform enables artists, teams and brands to extend their reach, and gain additional insight, by giving fans and customers a seamless way to personalize their smartphones with content they associate with.

  • Breach VR

    Breach VR  creates interactive and immersive virtual reality experiences, visualizations and simulations for browsers, headsets and beyond.

  • Frame (@framephotoapp) is an app which lets you capture photos and have them printed and shipped to your home. It is essentially a digital disposable camera. check it out at

  • Solcellespesialisten is run and owned by the founder Carl Christian Strømberg who has long experience in solar cell technology, distribution and IT.

  • Happy hacking!

  • Netscenario was established in 2005. Netscenario is a specialist in hosting and managing IT-Solutions for all levels of business.  We deliver services across all areas of business and industry and have many years of experience in the Oil and industry segment. The company is in possession of a wide range of expertise which enables us to act as our customer’s advisors as well as providing the technical services needed.

  • Tech Hugs help strengthen the innovation culture in the Trondheim region by connecting products and services in the early commercialization phase with enthusiastic citizens.

  • Based in Oslo, Norway, UIP is a group of companies that plan, finance, and operate shared urban infrastructure. We understand the growing challenges of urban mobility, and meet them with lasting solutions that are both engaging and effective.

  • PodPal Games is a small indie game developer company located in Trondheim, Norway. We are working on our first title "Age of Space"

  • Our mission is to help support people that wants to kick-ass!

  • is a social gaming platform that allows users to play games with friends using their mobile phone as a controller. Visit to try for free today!

  • Riddlebit Software is a game development company founded by a group of NTNU students. They are currently working on their title Setback, a fast-paced, match-based, non-violent, sci-fi multiplayer footracing FPS.

  • Itema is a software consultancy company based in Trondheim with 25 employees. We have world-class skills in SW development, and deep knowledge in areas like Dev ops, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Big Data. We are constantly looking to improve our skills through collaborations with customers and other smart people in Trondheim.

  • PineLeaf Studio is a shiny new game development studio based in Trondheim. The team of 13 people are the developers behind the award winning concept DwarfHeim; the world first online asymmetrical co-op RTS.

  • EDUSPIKE is a edutainment platform for higher education, leveraging  collaboration, engagement and interaction through the power of gamification.

  • Founded by British journalist David Nikel, Life in Norway ( is an English language website and podcast sharing the stories of Norway with the world. His company also helps Norwegian companies with their English language marketing and communications.

  • Bertheussen IT

    Trondheim-based Bertheussen IT, world-famous for games like Wordfeud and Race Day. As a partner of Work-Work, Bertheussen IT have relocated its game development offices and team to Work-Work, situated in the middle of downtown Trondheim.

  • Kybernesis is a Trondheim-based game studio known for the game Wasteland Bar Fight. The studio aims to innovate game development with games that are asymmetrically connected, regardless of platform, genres or game types.

  • ParrotPlay is a media technology company developing an internet browser for digital entertainment. We love parrots, Work-Work, machine learning, games, movies, TV-series and cunning world domination strategies.