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Nov 2019

Hack && Tell

There’s no lack of talks in Trondheim, that’s for sure! But among all the big and impressive stuff there’s people tinkering with really cool stuff that people remain unaware of.

We’re testing the format Hack && Tell to bring the neat, fun, handy or just disastrous projects happening around the city into the spotlight!

What is Hack && Tell?

H&&T is a show and tell style meetup for makers/hackers!

The event is structured so that up to 8 people give a 5 minute long presentation on something they built, and then respond to Q&A for up to 5 minutes.

The focus for your talk should be what you have done (code, schematics, drawings), not a bunch of slides or an elevator pitch.
Your talk should primarily be interesting and inspiring for fellow techies, not investors or clients.

We follow the global Hack && Tell Code of conduct to ensure that this remains an open and welcoming event, read more here!

What can I talk about?

Any software/hardware related project. We only ask that you share your hack, and keep it open and free so that others can take use of your hack if it appeals to them.

How do I apply to present?

You can just show up at the event and talk to a host to grab an open slot, though availability is limited so if you want to ensure you have a slot, use this form to apply and we’ll get back to you with whether your talk has been accepted or not.

We’d prefer if you are able to perform your talk in English, but we will not stop you from doing it in Norwegian if you are uncomfortable with presenting in English.

Can I just show up and listen to the talks? 

Of course! Even if you’re not a hacker right now, there are some truly weird stuff going on that is more than mildly interesting. Please join the Hack && Tell even if you don’t know what hacking really is. And if you want to join the hacker ranks after the talks, we’re happy to have you!