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Apr 2018

CreativeMornings : Game

Hold your horses, this will be an epic one. Our speaker this month is talking about North-Korea. We did not know at the time we booked this speaker that this would be such a hot potato.

Venue this time will be Work-Work, the coworking space and gamelab slash pub in Munkegata 58.

🍩 + ☕️ from Jacobsen og Svart is served from 08.00-08.30. Perfect start to the morning if you ask us 👌🏻 Limited seats, so set your alarms.

Free tickets will be released the Monday before, 23rd of April at 08.00 am.

Theme: GAME
Speaker: Christian Budde Christensen

We look forward to see your at our third event. More information coming soon 😍🙌🏻💫