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Oct 2018

ARM DemoCompo

ARM will organize a demo competition at Work-Work in October! Show off what you learned at the previous events, or just watch what others have made, the 25th of October.


– Must be runnable on Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos (the show case device)

– Must run non-interactively, should be able to start APK/website and it should run without any interaction beyond pressing a “start” button or something like that

– Not longer than 5 minutes running time

– Audio is of course allowed

– No restrictions on graphics API

— Usage of middleware is permitted if stated


– Deadline for submissions is 21.10.2018 (end of day)

– Submission through email containing attachments / web links / download links

– Group or individual submissions

– Presented content (art, models, music, …) must be the submitter’s own work

– Submissions must not contain racist, pornographic, illegal, ethically questionable, or otherwise disturbing content

– Organizers keep the right to reject submissions not considered fitting above rules


– To be eligible for a price at least one individual must be physically present

– Prices will be given on a per-entry basis

– Arm employees are not eligible for prices


– You would like to show something out of competition on a different device? Please contact the organizers before the deadline.

Email for submission: